Capital Markets & Securities

Warren Sinclair LLP has experience providing private and public companies with strategic advice relating to corporate financing and capital raising transactions. In particular, our firm has experience in the following types of transactions:

  • private equity investments;
  • private placements (brokered and non-brokered) of debt and equity securities;
  • public offerings;
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • debt-restructuring; and
  • public company transactions (including reverse take-overs, Ceasing to Be a Reporting Issuer applications, Plans of Arrangement and Capital Pool Company qualifying transactions).

Our firm also provides corporate governance and securities compliance services, including assisting companies (public and private) with:

  • preparing for and holding shareholder meetings (both contested and uncontested) and advising on shareholder disputes;
  • compliance with continuous disclosure obligations (including drafting Annual Information Forms, information circulars, executive compensation packages, press releases, Material Change Reports and Early Warning Reports);
  • stock exchange applications and ongoing stock exchange compliance requirements; and
  • SEDAR and SEDI filings.

Our Lawyers in this Area:

Joe Rattan
Joe Rattan