Employment & Labour Law

Warren Sinclair LLP has represented and provided advice to both employees and employers in a wide variety of cases involving employment and labour law issues, including issues related to individual employment contracts, allegations of wrongful dismissal, grievances and the negotiation of collective agreements.

The lawyers in Warren Sinclair LLP’s Employment and Labour Law practice group include Donna C. Purcell, Q.C. (practice group Chair), Michael D. Keyes, and Matthew R. Park.

Donna C. Purcell, Q.C. has extensive experience assisting employers and employees in the public, private and volunteer sectors to deal with:

• Termination Packages;
• Wrongful Dismissal claims;
• Non-Competition matters including Injunction Applications;
• Employment Standards;
• Employment Insurance;
• Disability issues;
• Human Rights violations;
• Harassment;
• Privacy;
• Drafting Policies and Employment Agreements or Independent Contractor Agreements for entry level personnel through to senior level management and professionals in various fields; and
• All other issues relating to Employment Law.

Michael D. Keyes has experience assisting clients with:

• Drafting Employment Agreements for entry level employees through to senior level management;
• Wrongful Dismissal matters;
• Non-Competition & Confidentiality matters;
• Employment Standards matters;
• Employment Insurance matters;
• Human Rights issues; and
• Volunteer Sector personnel issues.

Matthew R. Park assists our individual and business clients with litigation surrounding employment issues including wrongful dismissal claims and review of termination (severance) packages.

Our Lawyers in this Area: